Our Values :
Enviromental Protection

We use Soybean Protein Fiber to create a tasty and convincing texture full of plant-based protein. Our products are  : 100% Vegetarian/ Vegan , 100% Transfat Free, and 100% based on a Natural Formula. 100 % non-GMO. VegeFarm values Innovation, Environmental Protection and excellent Service.

Quality Control

4 Check Points control

Quality Control system that pays attention to every detail. Before our products reach you, undergo a 4 points control which includes

Raw Material Inspection

With the strictest purchasing inspection, all suppliers of raw materials are required to provide the testing report for (Pesticide Residues, Aflatoxin, Preservatives, Onochloropropanediol, Non-Genetically Modified, Heavy Metals, Microorganisms, etc.) to ensure the quality of raw materials.

Water control

Vegefarm uses purified water in our food production
By filtering water to compltely remove all Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Viruses, Pesticides, Trichloromethane, Suspended Solids, Impurities, Mrals, etc.
Then sterilizing by the use of UV lamps, quality controling by conducting water quality test periodical for total number of Bacteria, Escherichia Coli, Coliform, PH, and Residual Chlorine.

Individually Quick Freezing ( IQF )

The IQF process can lower the core temperature of a product to the frozen state (-18℃) in 30 to 40 minutes in order to effectively reduce microbial growth without adding any chemicals. The IQF process can also maintain moisture in the product, large amounts of the original vitamins, minera ls and other nutrients. It also ensures t he shape, freshness and taste of the products.

Microbiological Testing

Periodically detecting the number of airborne bacteria to ensure the best air quality in the production environment.Moreover, UV sterilization lamps are used to eliminate bacteria in t he air during the non-production time.


Based at the Bay Area

As we continue to grow as a company, we had partnered up with local supermarkets to supply our products.


Approved Quality

Halal CertificateIn

Halal Certification is recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims.

The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is a well-known association in United Kingdom coined the word “vegan” in 1944 and the sunflower is a well‐established and respected symbol.


A HACCP System requires that potential hazards are identified and controlled at specific points in the process. This includes biological, chemical or physical hazards. Any company involved in the manufacturing, processing or handling of food products can use HACCP to minimize or eliminate food safety hazards in their product.

The Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are only licensed to products that meet our strict criteria. This isn’t done on a self-certification basis (after all, even manufacturers in the know can get it wrong occasionally). The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark accreditation involves independent ingredient and production method checking by our experts here at the Vegetarian Society.

The Vege Project

The organization provides certification for vegetarian and vegan products and vegan friendly restaurants.Certification can be applied by companies that manufacture vegetarian or vegan products, and by restaurants that offer vegan options in their menu.The objective of our organization is to create an environment where vegetarian and vegan options are readily available.
We perform vegetarian/vegan certification with this objective.

ISO 22000:2005

Meeting international standard, combining food safety management systems ISO 9001 and HACCP plan to ensure shared responsibility of food safety matters along the food production chain and its related organizations such as manufacturer for equipment, packaging material, cleaning agent, additive, raw ingrediant, and etc.

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